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"Tea Talk" Forum



Welcome to the Tea Talk Forum!

We invite you to join the discussions on the Tea Talk Forum. This is the place to post your insights on tea, ask questions, and discuss any tea-related topic. No registration or login is required. Begin by entering the title of your post and then click the Step 2 link to continue with your submission.

Recent Posts in the Tea Talk Forum:

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What's the difference between organic tea and regular tea  starstarstarstar
I am opening a tea shop and I wanted to know whats the real difference between organic tea as opposed to regular natural grown tea?

Iced tea with Thyme  starstarstarstarstar
Hello. My OES chapter is hosting our 15th Annual Iced Tea. I have been put in charge of finding a signature flavor that utilizes THYME, since timepieces ...

Tea Survey
-Tea Talk Forum-
Hi everyone, I am a student from Boston University's School of Management. My team and I are working on a project for our Marketing Research class. We ...

Tea and Health
- Tea Talk Forum -
During the past two years, I've been drinking tea to improve my health condition. You know what? It's amazing in that it helps not only my physical health ...

What is the most popular tea
in the US?
-Tea Talk Forum-
I've just started drinking tea and I'm curious - does anyone know what is the single most popular type of tea in the United States? I'd like to include ...

Tea Talk Forum
Question: About tea bags
I really enjoy flavored teas, and have up until recently, always squeezed the bag to get the last drop out. But not to long ago, I read that this should ...

What are Your Favorite Tea Quotes?  starstarstarstarstar
I've started collecting tea quotes and sayings and am putting them in a tea journal that I'm keeping.

If anyone has a favorite quote (or two) that he ...

RCM Tea Shop Has New "Sister" Website   starstarstarstarstar
I wanted to share that a new website has been launched for RCM Tea Shop for anyone interested in buying loose leaf teas (lots of unique varieties) and ...

From Decaf to Green
Tea Talk Forum
One of my childhood memories are my mother would always have a nice pot of tea on the cooker and top up her cup through out the day "the stronger the tea ...

YiXing Teapot -- Tea Talk Forum  starstarstarstarstar
Traditional Chinese teaware covers the entire spectrum of equipment used in the production of tea. Many components are used in the Chinese traditional ...

I Like this New Tea Company
- Tea Talk Forum -
I just found out about the RCM Tea Shop company. Has anyone tried their teas? What an interesting selection. I tried the Organic Jamaica Red Bush and ...

Using a Coffee Pot  starstarstarstarstar
Any reason that a coffee pot (never used for coffee, of course) couldn't be used for tea? I imagine the water temperature would be about right for black ...

Tea Purchases Help African Children Have Clean Water -  starstarstarstarstar
I wanted to share information about a tea company I've discovered that -- not only offers an excellent selection of wonderful teas -- but is helping kids ...

Twinings Decaf Irish Tea  starstarstarstarstar
I am having a hard time finding my favorite tea, which is Twinings Decaf Irish tea, at my local groceries. I have to go 30 miles to find it. I have asked ...

Tried Rooibis Tea -- And Love It!  starstarstarstarstar
I've just discovered Rooibis Tea -- and it has one of the most unique flavors I've ever tasted. It is bold, nutty and sweet...and I particularly enjoy ...

Has Anyone Tried WuYi Tea
for Weight Loss?
- Tea Talk Forum -
I've seen a number of sites on the internet promote drinking wu yi tea to help lose weight. Some show pictures of Oprah and Rachael Ray... and say they'...

-Tea Talk Forum-
Teas from Wild, Native Plants
I have recently become enamored with exploring the Minnesota countryside looking for native plants that can be brewed as teas. I am currently conducting ...

China Xiamen International Tea Fair 
China Xiamen International Tea Fair will be held at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center on November 5-8, 2010. China, as the home country ...

Cleansing Tea Question
- Tea Talk Forum -
Does adding sugar to cleansing teas affect or lessen the outcome?

Bigelow's Cranberry Apple Tea Turns Blue
-Tea Talk Forum-
I love the Bigelow Cranberry Apple tea. As you would expect, it's red upon steeping. But if it drips down my mug, onto paper or my desk for instance, it ...

Brewing tea WITHOUT a thermometer 
Brewing tea without a thermometer might sound scary - but if you brew the same kind of tea all the time it can be very easily! Mixing two volumes of water ...

Beautiful Tea Ceremony Film
- Tea Talk Forum -
Here is a link to a beautifully made short film of a Tea Master performing his tea ceremony. The maker of the film wants to share this clip with you, in ...

Songs about tea
- Tea Talk Forum -
My husband and I are avid tea lovers but definite novices. We recently wrote two songs about tea and its health benefits for a scholarship competition....

Student Research
- Tea Talk Forum -
Hi, I am a student who is looking at British people, who were raised in the UK and are over the age of 18, who now live in Australia and what tea they ...

Jasmin Xue Long - Tea Talk Forum 
Jasmine Xue Long is one of the most distinguished and best jasmine teas from Fuding. The so-called ‘Snow Dragon’ is grown in primeval surroundings – crystal ...

Japanese Herbal Teas with Hemp
- Tea Talk Forum -
Question: What kinds of affects do hemp in Japanese herbal teas have on the body?

Pu Er Cake (Sheng-Raw)
- Tea Talk Forum -
The raw or green Sheng Pu Er (or Pu-erh) is made from wild Mao Cha. After drying, the unfermented tea is lightly steamed and pressed into one of the traditional ...

Bai Hao Yin Zhen - Tea Talk Forum 
Bai Hao Yin Zhen is considered to be the ultimate white tea. On only two days of the year, the tea plant’s young unopened buds are perfect for harvesting,...

10 Good Reasons to Drink Tea
- Tea Talk Forum -
There are lots of reasons why I enjoy a hot cup of tea: I love the aroma of various flavors of tea; holding onto a hot tea mug warms my hands on a cold ...

Distinguishing Tea
- Tea Talk Forum -
The first key element to Chinese tea art is “distinguishing tea” – this means one should distinguish the difference between good tea and poor-quality tea....

White Tea - Tea Talk Forum 
Kiwi Pear white tea is great! I drink it and you should too. It is difficult to find and it is expensive. I have found that it enhances my alertness, makes ...

Tea in all its purity - Tea Talk Forum 
Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce simple, plain, noble green tea. In fact, tea drinking goes back to its general concept based ...

Note About the Tea Forum:

This tea forum was created to build a community of people who have a mutual interest in tea -- and who are interested in sharing their tea knowledge, recommendations, insights, and ideas.

We encourage you to take the time to post on the Tea Talk Forum. Or, perhaps you'd rather write a comment on an existing posting. Either way, you are helping to build the value of this community. The more people who are involved, the more helpful this forum will be to everyone.

We do ask that the content contributed on the Tea Talk Forum be original, tea-related material that is non-promotional in nature. Thank you for your involvement in the forum and for visiting RCM Tea Shop.



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