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Weding Bands



Wedding Bands: The New Styles

It's a piece of jewelry you will likely never want to remove. Make sure you get something you like.

According to a reader survey in Bride's magazine, 80% of respondents said they wanted to have a "traditional" wedding. Of course, what defines tradition is open to interpretation; many couples will choose to customize their wedding with some personal, original touches.

Looking at the big picture, however, traditional usually means a white gown, a walk down the church aisle, an after-ceremony reception, a honeymoon. And before all this pageantry happens, there's the matter of choosing the engagement and wedding rings. Considering the ever-widening choices in the market today, how traditional or avant garde will today's couples want them to be?

In the words of W. Somerset Maugham, "Tradition is a guide and not a jailer." With that thought in mind, here are the hottest trends in wedding rings today:

Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend?
Move over, Bowser. Diamond wedding bands for men are being sold in record numbers to young, stylish males who like the elegance and sophistication they impart. Over the past few years, diamond wedding bands for men have progressed from unusual, to acceptable, to highly popular. In fact, after watches, diamond wedding bands are one of the leading categories in men's jewelry today.

The best-selling styles are fairly subtle, however, usually involving less than a full carat of diamonds in total weight. One popular look contains burnished-set diamonds scattered around the band. (In this setting, stones are not raised, but set flush with the gold or platinum band.) Another good style for men features a channel of diamonds encircling the band. Most diamonds used in this style are either round or square; baguettes are not usually used for men's rings.

All of this isn't to say that today's bride won't be charmed by a diamond wedding band as well. It doesn't have to match his ring, it can have its own flavor. Lots of new collections offer a mix and match choice of engagement and bridal rings. They aren't sold as sets, but rather as coordinating pieces that can be worn together or alone.


Platinum Is White Hot
According to studies by the Platinum Guild International, last year, 21% of American first-time brides opted for platinum wedding bands, a figure that is more than double the number recorded two years before. Today's bride wants something different from the solitaire in yellow gold that her mother wore. She appreciates the beauty and rarity of platinum and wants her wedding set -- the most important jewelry she owns -- to be of the finest quality.

The trend toward white jewelry began with two-tone combinations of platinum and yellow gold, a mixture that offered women versatility with jewelry already owned. Now, the trend has moved to all-white rings, often highly polished platinum or white gold, accented with diamonds.

Retro Goes Forward
Borrowing design themes from earlier times, many of the most popular wedding rings are detailed with delicate scrollwork or filigree, some engraved with intricate patterns. The look borrows its elegance from the Edwardian period earlier in this century, but the style also reflects a contemporary theme--the return to more romantic and detailed designs. Going with the Flow

Most jewelry styles have moved away from the hard-edged, geometric shapes of the past and are following more fluid lines. In some cases, this means sculptural designs in which the engagement and wedding rings wrap around each other. (This is the new version of the diamond ring guard of the past, where a diamond solitaire could be given more importance when combined with a "guard" ring set with additional diamonds). The best interlocking rings are not limited to being worn as a set; the wedding band looks good when worn alone.

Designer Bridal Sets
It's no secret that designer jewelry is a very strong category, with designers advertising in fashion and lifestyle magazines and making personal appearances at major stores. Many stylish women are building jewelry collections from favorite designers in the way they build clothing wardrobes from top brands. Because the jewelry wardrobing trend often begins with the wedding set, scores of jewelry designers are adding engagement and wedding rings to their collections. Some of the best wedding rings capture the designer's signature look and can be coordinated with matching bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Fancy-Shaped Diamonds
The greatest number of diamonds sold today are round brilliants, but many more women are opting for fancy-cut diamonds in their engagement rings. Designers say the oval and the emerald cut are becoming strong choices for center stones, frequently embellished with baguette, trillion or round stones at the sides. In many cases, the wedding band is accented with the same fancy shapes.

Something Old, Something New
Styles are a matter of personal choice and while many brides say they want a traditional wedding, most want their rings and their gown to reflect their individuality and taste. In wedding rings, this can mean a plain gold band, but with a small diamond hidden on the inside, or a double ring that slides apart to reveal a hidden message. Whatever the choice, this ring is destined to become her favorite, and most frequently worn piece of jewelry.




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