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Optical Frames & Sunglasses Brand Names

Sunglasses Basics
Your computer's not the only thing that's hard on your eyes. The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays are evil. They can wreak havoc on your eyes by causing eyestrain and blurred vision, and they increase the risk of cataracts, migraines, and macular degeneration. And just because it's cloudy out doesn't mean that UV isn't there -- it is.

Keep Your Future Bright
The best armor against UV is a pair of sunglasses. Not those bargain-bin beauties you found at the drugstore. We mean real sunglasses. Today's sizzling-hot eyewear can not only help you look and feel cool but also keep you safe for that fun in the still somewhat healthy sun -- and help keep your eyes healthy for years to come.

So, how to find that perfect pair??  Unless you know what model or brand you want, a little information might help. First decide whether you want a glass or polycarbonate (plastic) lens. Ground glass lenses such as used in prescription eyewear have the best optics and scratch resistance, so they're your choice for driving and general use.


For action sports, choose polycarbonate lenses: they're ten times stronger, wrap more for protection from wind and debris, are super lightweight and come in more radical styles. We highly recommend one of each.
Glass Lenses include some Costa Del Mar and all Hobie, Ray-Ban, Revo and Serengeti. Polycarbonate Lenses include BluBlocker, Bolle, Guess, Killer Loop, Polaroid (actually a stronger, lighter plastic), and the Sunglass Hut house brands, Code, Torque, SunGear and Viva Club.

SHADES WITH ATTITUDE -- What's hot? Ray-Ban started the sunglass industry. Ray-Ban still dominates with an estimated 40% market share and is our top brand by far. Check here for the best-selling styles. Highstreets, large Predator wraps as featured in "Men in Black" and Rituals lead the way. Most Ray-Bans have the famous "G-15" lens, G/gray to keep colors neutral, with 15(%) light transmittance. Killer Loops are funkier. We love Gargoyles with ultralight multi-colored lenses and bold styles such as Legends and frameless glasses.

HIGH-TECH LENSES -- The hottest sunglasses on the market today have high-tech lenses. "Polarized" lenses block glare, while photochromic lenses lighten and darken throughout the day. Our customers love these glasses. Serengetis are inexpensive, and your eyes are worth the extra cost of a polarized lens.


POLARIZED These lenses are essential for water, and great for snow, driving and general use. No one likes glare, which can also temporarily blind you and give you a headache. For style, go with colorful Revo H2O, popular Ray-BanS or Italian styled Polaroid. For water and action sports, we love Serengeti's ultra-lightweight H2Optix line at only $69 (with floating neckcord and they repel water). Most popular: Costa Del Mar.

 PHOTOCHROMIC -- Our customers have loved Serengeti since they were introduced in 1983. Honored as one of America's best products, these are the world's most versatile sunglass, changing in less than one minute from 24% light transmittance in overcast conditions to 9% in harsh light. Wear them from dawn to dusk! Copper or vermilion colored, they also increase contrast, making it easier to see, and most cost only $69.

DRIVING -- For driving you will want glass brown lenses, glass for perfect optics and brown to increase contrast and let in more light. The only brand made specifically for driving are Serengeti Drivers (see above). They also adjust to any light condition, even behind a windshield. Another good choice is any polarized brown glass lens (search with the "Sunglass Finder").

FASHION -- California's Revo is a premium sunglass combining leading-edge and colorful styles with lenses polished to the standards of cameras and telescopes. Gucci sets the fashion standard for women at only $99. Choose Guess for cool styles at bargain prices.

FOR SPORTS -- For general sports, Smith makes an outstanding shield with interchangeable gray, yellow and plain lenses for under $50. For active water sports, tennis and cycling, we like polarized H2Optix wraps at $69. For perfect optics yachting and fishing, use a polarized glass lens like Revo H2O and Ray-Ban. Bolle's Competivision (coming soon) are made just for tennis. For baseball, the only choice is Gargoyles F8 which flip up and stay up for catching. For mountain climbing and skiing, we like Serengeti Vermilions; they really increase the contrast. KILLER LOOP Goggles look cool for snowboarding, in-line skating and skateboarding.


THE CLASSICS -- The all-time classic sunglasses are RAY-BAN Aviators as seen in "Top Gun" (left, designed to match your peripheral vision), Wayfarers (as in "Blues Brothers 2000"), CATS and Clubmasters, all resurging in popularity.

VALUE BRANDS -- We sell a lot of nationally advertised BluBlockers. The amber lenses increase contrast and filter blue light. They come in a variety of styles including a wrap for sports and clip-ons. Not bad for $19.95 (shipped worldwide for $6.75). BluBlockers are always in stock

CLIP-ON SUNGLASSES -- For now, select from amber clip-ons by BluBlocker. We have sold a ton of polarized Eagle Eyes but they're hard to find; we're looking. Coming soon, a variety of styles by OpSales, the world's leading manufacturer.


Every sunglass we sell comes directly from the manufacturer with a case and one year warranty and our guarantees. All will reduce eyestrain, block dangerous UV rays, and meet minimum standards to protect against eye injury.

Optical Frames & Sunglasses Brand Name




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