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Black Teas

Black tea is the most widely consumed tea in the world. Enjoyed both hot and over ice, this rich, flavorful beverage features a deep reddish-brown hue and full-bodied taste that ranges from flowery and fruity to spicy and nutty.

Black tea's distinctive qualities result from extensive processing in comparison to green, oolong or white teas. After harvesting, the tea leaves are dried on racks until they become supple. They are then rolled and cooled, which enables the natural juices to emerge – and the leaves to darken. Finally, heat is applied to the tea leaves to stop further oxidation and seal in the flavor and aroma.

A six ounce cup of black tea has approximately 40 mg of caffeine. While preparation of black tea may vary by blend and and taste preference, typical brewing guidelines include using two teaspoons per 12 to 16 oz pot. Boiling water (212F) should be used for brewing and steeping time ranges from three to seven minutes.

Black Tea Sampler

Black Tea Sampler

Enjoy four distinctive black teas from RCM Tea Shop. You will receive 1oz of the following teas that will yield around 10 cups of each type (or 40 cups of tea in total): Chocolate Black, Apricot Black, Forest Berries Black and Fancy Earl Grey. Detailed brewing guidelines are included on each tea's label.

Yunnan Gold Tip - Black

black tea

This quality, full-bodied black tea from RCM Tea Shop is grown in the Yunnan province of southwestern China where tea has grown 2,000 years. It offers an abundance of rich, peppery flavor.

Fancy Earl Grey

Earl Grey

An excellent, flavorful Earl Grey made with Chinese Black Congou Tea and scented with natural oil of bergamot, a fragrant citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia. This enjoyable Indulge Tea also features flower petals from the bergamot plant.

Apricot Black

Apricot Black Tea

This rich-tasting premium Ceylon black tea is blended with pieces of sweet apricot -- and offers a wonderful flavor and aroma with each sip.

Russian Caravan Black

russian tea

A traditional Russian tea, this strong, full-bodied blend combines the rich body of Keemun Black and the maltiness of Tippy Assam, with a touch of smokey Lapsang Souchong.

Rich Chocolate Black

chocolate tea

This decadent Indulge Tea infuses the flavor of chocolate with the bright, full taste of Ceylon Black Tea. A rich, sugar-free treat to be enjoyed served both hot and iced.

Lively Lemon

black tea

Our zesty lemon tea combines the bright taste of premium Ceylon Black Tea with the deliciously tart flavor of fresh lemons. Excellent served hot or over ice.

Golden Monkey

black tea

From the Fujian Province of China, RCM Tea Shop's Golden Monkey Tea is hand-processed with careful plucking of only one leaf and one bud. It is among the finest Chinese black teas available and offers a savory, full-bodied flavor. The name comes from its unique appearance with the leaves resembling monkey claws.

Forest Berries Black

This pleasingly fresh black tea combines the flavor of ripe strawberries, blueberries and other summer berries with the bright, full taste of black tea from Ceylon. Great hot or iced.

Caramel Joy

black tea

This premium Ceylon black tea from RCM Tea Shop is infused with caramel flavoring (sugar free) to create a uniquely appealing tea served hot or over ice.

English Breakfast Decaffeinated (Organic)

english breakfast tea

Enjoy the robust flavor of traditional English Breakfast Tea, with minimal caffeine. A blend of China Keemun Black with India Nilgiri Black, it is rich and full-bodied. Also delicious iced.

Apple Cinnamon Decaffeinated

apple tea

Enjoy the sweet flavors of organic cinnamon and fresh apples infused in an organic decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea. Light bodied and satisfying. Delicious hot or iced, with just a splash of milk.

French Vanilla Bean Decaffeinated (Organic)

decaf tea

An appealing, smooth flavored decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea infused with carob and natural vanilla. Great hot or iced. USDA Certified Organic.

Earl Grey Decaffeinated (Organic)

earl grey

This popular, savory Earl Grey blend features decaffeinated Indian and Ceylon Black Teas for a satisfying brew served hot or over ice. USDA Certified Organic.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Ayurvedic with Green and Black Tea

Tulsi Tea

Ayurvedic teas are specially formulated blends that combine herbs, plants, fruits and spices. They are part of a holistic healthcare approach that evolved some 4,500 years ago in India to help people achieve health and balance in life.

With a spicy-flowery taste and aroma, this beneficial recipe features Tulsi (Holy Basil) blended with green mate, lemongrass, rose petals, ginger root, chamomile, cardamom, black pepper, and mixed green and black teas. (If you have hay fever, goldenrod or ragweed allergies, do not drink this or any tea containing chamomile.) This blend is sometimes referred to as a fasting tea and promotes wellness in times of moderation.

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